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  1. Your special flowers are received and labeled with your order info. (this is why it is important that you order all pieces you want and how you want it before the flowers arrive) 

  2. Flowers are then fully unpacked and a photo of the flowers how they arrived is taken. We then begin preserving the flowers per the order ie. pressed if a pressed item was ordered or full if a 3d item was ordered. 

  3. Your flowers then go into a container with the drying agent for 2 to 3 weeks to fully dry. They are placed in order of the date received.  

  4. Once the flowers are dried they go into the mock up stage in the order the flowers were received. We will provide a design and allow up to 2 revisions. The 3rd revision would be a $20 fee

  5. Once the design is approved by you, your flowers will be about a month before the pieces are complete. 

  6. When the items are laid into resin, there are multiple layers of resin laid to cover your flowers and avoid as many bubbles as possible. Items take about a week to cast in resin.  

  7. After the pieces have cured in our crownmade molds we pop them out and inspect the front for any large bubbles that we can drill out and fill with resin. These pockets occur because we lay our flowers face down and although the bubbles in the back can be popped with a heat gun while the resin is wet. We cannot see the front until the pieces are out of the molds.  

  8. The pieces all then go into sand and buff, where our team will sand the sharp edges and buff them to a shine. We only use high performance compound and buffers to get that beautiful glass like finish. 

  9. The pieces go into clean up where we remove any and all left over compound residue.

  10. Handles are placed on the pieces that take it or move to paint if required by the customizations chosen.
  11. pieces are then placed to ship. Our shipping team with confirm all pieces of the order are ready, do a final quality inspection send anything they feel needs work is sent back. A final picture is taken and sent to the client. They are packed and shipped priority mail. 

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