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When was your event?

PAST: Whole Dried Flowers (hung upside down or otherwise) | Proceed to "SHOP" and purchase 3D items only, no pressed flower items.

Fresh Flowers (less than 3 days old and ready to ship) | Proceed to "SHOP" and purchase any items, no restrictions.

FUTURE: No Flowers Yet
The event is within 2-weeks | Proceed to "SHOP" and purchase any items, no restrictions.

Event is more than 2-weeks away | Proceed to "SAVE THE DATE" and reserve any time window on your actual wedding date.

The Process

Your Order Unfolding


Start your journey with a simple purchase, and follow our packing video to ship us your bouquet.

We receive your flowers and send you a photo capturing your bouquet before we expertly preserve your blooms.


After dried, we'll share snapshots of your customized design for you to approve!

Your design is encased in resin, and after the final steps you receive your stunning preservation creation.

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