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Memorial Goods

Losing a beloved friend or family member is a tragedy. However, many people find that they can heal better with special mementos to memorialize the people who have passed on.  Wild Coast Flower Preservation is proud to offer funeral flower preservation and other products custom-designed to memorialize loved ones with everlasting flora.

Funeral flowers are a sweet gift and a strong reminder of the good memories that will last a lifetime. Through our flower preservation products, the gift can last a lifetime as well. Our floral art is created using the strongest UV-resistant epoxy resin, each one unique and tailored to the preferences of our customers.

If you’re looking for a gift for a grieving loved one, many of our customers love our holiday ornaments. These beautiful handmade pieces give the departed a memorial presence at gatherings long after they are gone. Another popular choice? Our preserved bouquet blocks, which can be highly customized with customized lighting and color selection. Other recommended gifts include our ornate wall clock, geode-edge serving tray, or wall decor.

At Wild Coast Flower Preservation, we hope to make funeral flower preservation accessible and affordable across the US. Anyone looking to preserve flowers and transform them into beautiful physical commemorations should feel free to browse our shop and reach out to us with any questions. Don’t hesitate- the sooner we receive your flowers, the better your results can be.


1. Our Current Production Time is 3 - 4 months to produce from the time we receive your flowers.

2. Your flowers will go through an extensive drying process that will cause them to change and lose some color. They are no longer fresh when dried, and will not look as fresh as they did when they were initially pressed. This is normal and does not constitute a refund.

3. All items will have some degree of bubbles because the chemical reaction in laying flowers in resin will cause oxygen to rise to the surface over 24- 48 hours.  We do our very best to mitigate with balanced humidity levels, heat, and monitoring. Bubbles are common with all resin casting and among ALL artists and do not constitute a refund.

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