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Corporate and Branded Gifts

Giving corporate gifts or branded gifts is a great way to spread brand awareness and thank the associates of your business for working with you. However, it’s easy for these gifts to come off as tacky and unappealing if not carefully planned. One option for you, offered here at Wild Coast Flower Preservation, is using breathtaking preserved flowers to create branded gifts.

For example, we can create business card holders, coasters, and wine stoppers, each with a unique and handcrafted assembly of flowers. These are some of the more popular corporate gift options, but nearly all of our products can be customized with your branding. Each item is made with quality designs and materials, including the strongest UV resistant resin on the market today. We welcome customization, and you will get clear and consistent communication throughout the process, including updates with photos and approval of item designs.

Branded gifts incorporating flower preservation feel unique, bespoke, thoughtful, and they appeal to a wide range of personalities. Such gifts exist as a pleasant reminder of your organization, preserving these colorful flora for a lifetime. Check out our shop for a full range of products, and feel free to contact us anytime to ask questions and get a sense of what working with us will be like. Wild Coast Flower Preservation would be proud to create unique branded gifts for your organization!


1. Our Current Production Time is 3 - 4 months to produce from the time we receive your flowers.

2. Your flowers will go through an extensive drying process that will cause them to change and lose some color. They are no longer fresh when dried, and will not look as fresh as they did when they were initially pressed. This is normal and does not constitute a refund.

3. All items will have some degree of bubbles because the chemical reaction in laying flowers in resin will cause oxygen to rise to the surface over 24- 48 hours.  We do our very best to mitigate with balanced humidity levels, heat, and monitoring. Bubbles are common with all resin casting and among ALL artists and do not constitute a refund.

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