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How to Shop Our Collection:

We take a little bouquet and transform your flowers into outstanding pieces of home decor. As you browse, you'll notice that our shop features many product options with a wide range of customization. Click the drop down menus on each item to select colors and upgrades to see the range in price.  

We strive to make Bouquet Preservation easy, and are available at nearly all times to assist with questions or provide guidance along the way!


Remember, a little bouquet goes a long way, so place the order for ALL the items you would like as we only preserve enough for the items you order. Our current production timeline is 3 to 4 months from the time we receive your flowers.

Dried Flowers & Fresh Flowers:
Proceed To Shop

If your event is less than 2-weeks away or the flowers are currently Fresh Flowers (less than 3 days old and ready to ship), please proceed to shop below and purchase any items, no restrictions on the type of item.

If your flowers are Whole Dried Flowers (hung upside down or air-dried at home), please proceed to shop below and purchase 3D items only, no pressed flower items for whole dried flowers.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with shipping instructions on how to best mail your flowers and a packing video to guide you in packing the flowers for mailing. 

Simply mail us your flowers and we'll do the rest, with constant communication along the way. 

Future Event Flowers:
Save The Date

​For future events more than 2-weeks away, please proceed to "SAVE THE DATE" and reserve any time window on your actual wedding date. 


Shop Our Collection

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