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Whole Flower Preservation

​Bouquet Preservation Style:
Whole Flower Preservation for a Memory Suspended in Time

Wild Coast Flower Preservation is a wedding flower preservation business, helping couples save their wedding bouquets and store them in beautiful, unique pieces that can be treasured for years to come. We specialize in creating intricate art from wedding flowers, utilizing the luxury of epoxy resin to highlight individual blossoms, succulents and foliage in stunning clarity.

Creating something special and unique to commemorate your wedding day is a beautiful way to keep the memories alive forever. At Wild Coast Flower Preservation, we understand that every wedding bouquet is different and each couple has their own vision of what they would like their final product to look like – that’s why we offer the widest selection of customization options for our flower preservation pieces.

Our design team is highly experienced in transforming flowers into stunning art, whether you are looking for an eye-catching center piece or a delicate keepsake to hang on the wall. We can incorporate specialty items like photos, glass beads and other mementos into your final product – making it truly one-of-a-kind. Our master craftsmen can also customize any of our pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs.

We take pride in our work and only use top quality materials when creating these unique pieces. We understand that preserving your wedding flowers is an investment and we want to ensure that your final product will be something you can cherish for many years. Our epoxy resin is specially formulated to enhance the beauty of each flower, and our unique design process ensures that every detail shines through in vibrant clarity.

We are passionate about preserving memories, and as such, we strive to make each piece perfect. Our team is dedicated to creating unique and beautiful flower preservation pieces that help you cherish your special day for years to come. Our customers love how creative and customizable our wedding flower preservation services are; with us, there's no limit to how you can preserve your wedding bouquet into an exquisite piece of art. Whether you are looking for something timeless or a modern take on an old-fashioned idea, Wild Coast Flower Preservation will bring your vision to life!

The team at Wild Coast Flower Preservation is excited to help make your wedding dreams come true. Contact us today to start the process of preserving your treasured moments and creating something beautiful that will last a lifetime. Let us show you how easy it is to customize a flower preservation piece with our wide selection of options and experience – you won’t be disappointed!

So if you're searching for ways to save your wedding flowers and make long-lasting memories with something truly beautiful, then turn to Wild Coast Flower Preservation for a unique experience like no other!

Color Correction

Color change happens; we have solutions! 

Restore the vibrancy and color of your dried flowers by adding color correction to your order.


Color correction service is perfect for the following situations: 

  • If you have white orchids or white/light pink peony to avoid the flower turning translucent in resin.

  • If you have white calla lilies, white ranunculus, white hydrangea or white roses that have turned yellow in drying.

  • If your white flowers arrived browned or have browned edges once dried.

  • If your white flowers dry with a yellow tint.

  • If your orange flowers dry with a yellow tint.

  • If your pink flowers dry light pink or white. 

Calla Lily Color Correction
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