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Bridal Goods

Wild Coast Flower Preservation is proud to offer wedding flower preservation nationwide, transforming bouquets and other wedding flowers into modern home decor you can treasure for a lifetime. We offer a convenient “save the date” reservation system so that you can ensure we will be available to take your fresh flowers and get started on bouquet preservation right away when they arrive.

Even if you don’t plan for wedding bouquet preservation, we can still help. As long as your flowers are less than 3 days old, we can incorporate them into any of our preserved flower items on the Wild Coast Flower Preservation store. Select items can even use older, carefully dried bouquet flowers. No matter how we get your flowers, you will get clear and consistent communication throughout the process, including updates with photos, and design approval on all items.

Many of our wedding items make beautiful gifts for the happy couple. If you can arrange for flower preservation from the wedding, we can turn the bouquet or bridesmaids’ flowers  into bouquet blocks and lamps, serving trays, or ring holders. These customized preserved flower items not only look beautiful, but they are a lasting, tangible memory from one of the most important days of a person’s life. If you’d prefer to leave the choice up to the wedded couple, we also offer gift cards that can be sent via email in a range of price points!

No matter what you order or when, your bridal goods are sure to be clean, picturesque, and durable. That’s the promise of Wild Coast Flower Preservation, in all of our wedding flower preservation efforts. Feel free to browse our shop or contact us if you have any questions.


1. Our Current Production Time is 3 - 4 months to produce from the time we receive your flowers.

2. Your flowers will go through an extensive drying process that will cause them to change and lose some color. They are no longer fresh when dried, and will not look as fresh as they did when they were initially pressed. This is normal and does not constitute a refund.

3. All items will have some degree of bubbles because the chemical reaction in laying flowers in resin will cause oxygen to rise to the surface over 24- 48 hours.  We do our very best to mitigate with balanced humidity levels, heat, and monitoring. Bubbles are common with all resin casting and among ALL artists and do not constitute a refund.

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