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Bouquet Preservation RENTAL of Extra Large Flower Press for Destination Weddings

Bouquet Preservation RENTAL of Extra Large Flower Press for Destination Weddings

Press special flowers on the go with this Extra Large Express Flower Press Kit. 
Our 9"x12" flower press kit will hold over your wedding bouquet for up to 7-days in the sealing bag.  Perfect for destination brides, you can now take part in the preservation process by pressing your own flowers on the go.  Follow the layering and sealing instructions below to bring home your wedding flowers in pristine condition.  


Be sure to visit our "Shop" page and add the preservation items you would like to your cart along with this item!


*** This is the cost to RENT the flower press kit for the purpose of saving wedding flowers from destination weddings.  When we receive the press kit in the mail, we will replace its contents and reuse the parts.  If you would like to purchase this item after the order is complete, we will send you a NEW kit for home use.*** 


****This item should be purchased at least two weeks prior to the wedding so that we can mail it to your home in time for travel****



  •  6 drying pads
  •  6 foam sponges
  •  6 lining papers
  •  2 sealing bags 
  •  1 pair of scissors
  •  2 velcro straps
  •  2 wood pressing panels 


How to Press: 

Follow this order of stacking your flowers inside the flower press kit: 


  1.  Lay out two straps with the velcro sides down on the table. 
  2.  Lay one wooden pressing panel on the table (logo down)
  3.  Lay down foam sponge layer.
  4.  Open flowers from the center and place them face down on the foam sponge layer.
  5.  Place lining paper (thin) on top of the flowers. 
  6.  Place the drying plate (thick) on top of the lining paper.
  7.  Repeat steps 1 - 4 for up to 6 layers, like a sandwich. 
  8.  Place final wood pressing panel on top of the stack (logo up). 
  9.  Using force, press from the top down on the stacked kit and use the velcro straps to secure the stack as tight as possible. 
  10.  Slip the strapped kit into the sealing bag and zip shut while forcing out excess air. This bag should remain air tight.  If the bag rips, you can swap for the second bag in the kit.  It will not work properly and mold may occur if the bag is sealed improperly. 
  11.  When you return home, mail the whole kit inside the bag (do not open) to Wild Coast Flower Preservation.  We do the rest! 


Pro Tip:
We recommend using a few of your most impressive looking flowers first, followed by smaller stems and leaves.  If your flowers are thicker, try to cut back on some of the petals in the middle or back layers of the flowers to make them thinner for pressing. For example, if you have roses pull out some of the back layers of petals so that you can open and press the flower flat without too much height.  When in doubt, place the flower how it fits best!

Fun Facts: 

  •  A typical paper flower pressing kit usually requires the flowers to press for 2 weeks to 1 month, plus! Our Express Flower Press will have your flowers mostly dried within 7 days!, 
  •  Wild Coast Flower Preservation uses these same model flower press kits daily to press thousands of flowers for bouquet preservation!
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