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Color Correction

Color Correction

We understand that every detail of your special day holds immense sentimental value, including your beautiful wedding flowers. At Wild Coast Flower Preservation, we want to ensure that your cherished blooms are preserved flawlessly, capturing the essence of your magical celebration for a lifetime.


While nature blesses us with its stunning array of colors, sometimes flowers dry in unfavorable shades or conditions. But worry not! We have the perfect solution: our exclusive Color Correction service, designed to bring back vibrancy in yellowed or antiqued dried flowers.


Color correction service is perfect for the following situations:

  • If you have white orchids or white/light pink peony to avoid the flower turning translucent in resin.
  • If you have white calla lilies, white ranunculus, white hydrangea or white roses that have turned yellow in drying.
  • If your white flowers arrived browned or have browned edges once dried.
  • If your white flowers dry with a yellow tint.
  • If your orange flowers dry with a yellow tint.
  • If your pink flowers dry light pink or white.


We Recommend Adding This Service At Design Stage, Unless Your Bouquet is All White or White Calla Lilies.


Personalized Perfection: We believe your wedding flowers deserve to be preserved in the hue you remember them. We have access to a variety of floral paints that are resin and flower safe. Send us a photo of your original bouquet so that we can best match!  


Unmatched Expertise: Our team comprises talented artists with extensive experience in flower preservation and resin art.  Trust us to apply our expertise to bring out the best in your cherished blooms.


Lasting Beauty: Resin is an exceptional medium for preserving flowers, providing them with an eternal lifespan.


By opting for our Color Correction service, you are ensuring that your preserved flowers will not only retain their original charm but also exhibit enhanced colors that captivate the eye and create a lasting impression. Your preserved bouquet will become a cherished centerpiece, a cherished memento that will evoke the emotions of your wedding day every time you gaze upon it.


Don't let time fade the vividness of your cherished blossoms. Contact us today to learn more about our Color Correction service and secure your reservation. Let us work our magic, bringing your wedding flowers back to life with colors that will make your heart flutter for years to come.


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