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Flower Makeup Brush Holder / Counter Organizer

Flower Makeup Brush Holder / Counter Organizer

Interested in preserving special occasion flowers? I can work with you to create a custom piece of floral art and everlasting memory! Flower preservtion makes a wonderful wedding gift, and is the hottest bridal trend of 2022 gifts! 


Simply mail your fresh flowers and I'll do the rest!  (shipping instructions will be sent based on type of flowers in your arrangement) 


This item can be anything you want it to be: countertop accesory holder, makeup brush holder, desktop pencil or pen holder or whatever you see fit. Our lovely pieces are 100% handmade by a team of floral preservation artists.


Base: 5"x5" wide
Height: 4.25" tall
Large Hole: 3.75" wide
Medium Hole: 2.25" wide
Small Hole: 1.75" wide

Preservation Timeline: 
Casting arrangements in resin often takes 3 months from the time we receive your flowers in the mail to the time we send it in the mail depending on how long your flowers take to dry out. 


Note: All items are handmade, and each piece is one of a kind. The photos are a reference to the item you will receive. Sometimes we will remake the item if the original fails to meet the customer's expectations.  We strive to meet your satisfaction!  For an further queries on this please send us a message.


Care: Wipe clean with a dry microfiber cloth or wash with warm water and dish soap. 

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