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Large Vase and Wine Chiller

Large Vase and Wine Chiller

"Introducing Our Innovative Crystal-inspired Vase: Your Ultimate Flower Display and Wine Chiller!


🌺 Floral Elegance & Wine Delight: Elevate your ambience with our upcoming multi-functional vase. Effortlessly transforming from a stunning flower display to a sleek wine chiller, it's your all-in-one centerpiece solution.


🍷 Large & Versatile: This spacious vase boasts ample room for a full bouquet of your favorite flowers or a standard wine bottle. Its clever design ensures a seamless transition from flower arranging to chilling your favorite vintage.


💎 Crystal-like Facets: With faceted edges reminiscent of a crystal vase, our creation adds an air of sophistication to any setting. The exquisite faceted pattern enhances both your floral arrangements and the ambiance of your space.


🌼 Pressed Flowers Inside: As an added touch of artistry, this vase reveals delicate pressed flowers inside, blending nature's beauty with modern functionality.


📏 Dimensions:

  • Height: Front - 9", Back (slanted) - 10"
  • Center Hole Diameter: 3" (Ideal for Whole Bouquets)
  • Widest Bottom Width: 6"


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