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Extra Large Ring Holder

Extra Large Ring Holder

Make a Bold Statement with our Extra Large Modern Floral Ring Holder - A Stunning Countertop Showpiece. Perfectly Placed Next to Your Bed, Dresser, or Sink, this Holder Ensures Easy Access When Removing Your Rings. With Space for Up to 4 Rings on Top and 3 Bracelets in the Middle, It's Both Stylish and Functional.


The Key Difference: Our Extra Large Ring Holder, 3 Times Bigger than the Traditional Crystal Option. It's Ideal for Preserving Whole Roses or Large Dried Flowers, Making it a Must-Have for Flower Enthusiasts. Moreover, the Smooth Walls Offer Unobstructed Views of Your Beautifully Preserved Flowers Suspended in Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin.


Upgrade Your Ring Display with this Exquisite, Spacious Ring Holder - A Unique Blend of Artistry and Practicality!


Ring Holder Measurements:

Height: 6"

Middle Width: 3"

Bottom Width: 2"


Drying Technique: For ring holders, we use a variety of small whole preserved flowers from your arrangement.  The flowers must be 1.5" in width or smaller to fit inside the ring holder. We often do not send mock ups on this item since we make it with the best fitting flowers on the fly!
Make Time: Once your flowers are recieved, this item takes approximately 3-4 months to make. When combined with other items in an order, the completion time is variable.   

  • Note

    All items are handmade, and each piece is one of a kind. The photos are a reference to the item you will receive. We cannot control any bubbles or imperfections in the resin or flowers after preservation. Flowers do not maintain their original color or texture when they are preserved. They become brittle and can change color once placed in resin.  Red flowers will become darker burgundy, orange flowers may turn more yellow and some white flowers become translucent. We do our best to mitigate imperfections with our expertise.  

  • Care

     Hand wash with dish soap and water and dry with a soft microfiber towel. Avoid brush bristles as they may scratch the surface. 

    We use UV resistant epoxy resin; however, it is best to keep your items out of direct sunlight or extreme heat to prevent softness, yellowing or discoloration.  

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