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Introducing our Preserved Flower Mezuzah, a unique and meaningful way to cherish your wedding memories. Crafted in resin, this mezuzah case features whole dried flowers from your special day, immortalizing the beauty of your bouquet forever.


Traditionally, the mezuzah serves as a symbol of protection and blessing for the home. By incorporating your wedding flowers, this mezuzah becomes a powerful reminder of love, unity, and the sacred bond of marriage.


For an added touch of personalization, you can opt to include breaking glass in place of flowers, symbolizing the breaking of barriers and the beginning of a new journey together.


Measuring 1 inch by 5.4 inches, our Preserved Flower Mezuzah is designed to accommodate a 4-inch scroll case, making it a perfect fit for any doorpost in your home.


Let this unique piece serve as a daily reminder of the love and commitment shared on your wedding day, bringing blessings and joy to your household for years to come.

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