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Personalization Fee for Preservation Orders

Personalization Fee for Preservation Orders

This is only an add-on fee for adding text or thin/flat items to the inside of your Serving Tray or Wall Hanger.  

Adding text or items inside your order requires us to lay the tray or wall hanger in a more complicated way.


If choosing text, let us know which font you prefer (A, B or C) and what color you would like (white, gold, silver or black).

If font/color is not chosen White Font B will be used. 


Disclaimer about adding personal items into our products: 

  •  Resin is a liquid chemical; therefore, if your personal item has handwriting or permanent marker ink, it's best to laminate the paper before placing it in resin.  We can do this for you by request. 
  •  Charm photos may distort in resin; often they have no issue, but there are rare instances where the image on the charm becomes discolored. 
  •  If the personal item you wish to use is coated in paint, the paint could leak while the product cures causing a smoke effect around the item.
  • Although these disclaimers sound scary, if you share a photo of the items you wish to use, we will guide you!
    Excluding Sales Tax
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