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Square Coasters or Trinket Tray

Square Coasters or Trinket Tray

Like a coaster that catches liquid? How about a tray to stash your jewelry? These square trays with lip will do the trick! Measuring 4 inches square, each coaster/ trinket dish displays your preserved flowers inside! Tray stands 1/2 inch high (thickness). You can further customize these coasters by adding metallic flakes behind the flowers in gold, rose gold or silver.


Please note that large flowers like a whole rose will not fit inside this coaster. Because of the square shape, we do not recommend cutting flowers that are too large to size; therefore, it is best to use an assortment of small flowers or 1 medium flower (spray rose size).


Drying techniques: Coasters are made with pressed flowers.


Make Time: Once your flowers are recieved, this item takes approximately 3-4 months to make.

    PriceFrom $30.00
    Excluding Sales Tax
    Metallic flake
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