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Stove Top Cover - Live Edge Wood

Stove Top Cover - Live Edge Wood

This listing showcases our previous live edge wood and flower preservation work as a sample of what to expect in a larger item like a Stove Top Cover.  



27" x 20" x 2.5" 

Weight: 25 lbs


This item comes with top handles in Gold, Silver, Rosegold or Black.


🌼 Superior Craftsmanship: We take pride in going the extra mile. Our meticulous process involves fully coating this precious display with resin, providing exceptional protection against the elements and germs.


🌿 Enhanced Durability: Coating the entire wood surface with resin offers numerous benefits:

  • Safeguards the wood from moisture and bacterial absorption, thanks to wood's natural porosity.
  • After use, it's easy to clean with household cleaners, maintaining its pristine appearance.
  • Prevents wood from expanding or contracting due to temperature changes.


Drying techniques: All serving boards are made with pressed flowers AND whole flowers. 


Make Time: Casting arrangements in resin often takes 3-4 months from the time we receive your flowers in the mail to the time we send it in the mail depending on how long your flowers take to dry out.


Note: All items are handmade, and each piece is one of a kind. The photos are a reference to the item you will receive. We cannot control any bubbles or imperfections in the resin or flowers after preservation. Flowers do not maintain their original color or texture when they are preserved. They become brittle and can change color once placed in resin. Red flowers will become darker burgundy, orange flowers may turn more yellow and some white flowers become offwhite, yellow or translucent. We preserve only what is needed and the rest will be discarded. Please order all items you would like, if there are items that cannot be made with what is sent we will gladly refund. We do our best to mitigate imperfections with our expertise.

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